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Top 10 tricks to keep yourself secure on the internet

If you are using the internet you should know these top 10 tricks to keep yourself secure on the internet. We spend lots of time on the internet surfing different websites. We can easily perform our official task, can chat with our friends, share our images and videos, online shopping and payments and obviously the banking transactions.

Have you ever thought that are you sure and secure about your security?

The growth rate of Online fraud, cybercrimes, and hacking cases is elevating rapidly and organized cybercrime has become a serious threat to all internet users.

Did you notice what happened last year when a Stuxnet was secretly installed on millions of servers all across the USA, Russia, China, India and in many more countries? You would not believe that a simple virus theft $1 billion from many banks in Europe.

Top 10 tricks to keep yourself secure on the internet

Cybersecurity has become so crucial that last year then-president Barak Obama said that ‘cybersecurity is an issue of paramount importance and one that everyone — from governments to private firms to individuals — needs to address’.

It sounds fine when he appealed to government and private firm but how we can or you or any individual can fight against cybersecurity to keep those highly trained hackers away from our private information.

Practically, if you have done something wrong and any government agency is trying to hack your system, certainly they will. Even if a cybercriminal who has decided to pilfer your information can do it with some trifling efforts.

However, if we talk logically then an individual can make a difference and can increase impediments to a normal hacker in acquiring your private data.

There are some facts and information, if you know can help you in facing all these snags immaculately.

Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf calls them ‘good Web hygiene.’

Here are a few “hygiene” or the top 10 tricks you should know and put into practice:

Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks:

There are fair chances that you have a profile and some friends on some social media website. You have credentials to log in to that system and whoever knows that can access the account.

If you don’t want someone to burgle into your house, you have to put a steady lock on the door. In the same manner, you should create a strong password and don’t set your security question or passwords like your mobile no. or date of birth or your pet name or your marriage anniversary.

It would be easy to guess and then hack your account. Anyone who knows you even a little bit your friend or colleague or ex-partner can easily breach your security and you won’t even know how one did that.

Recognizing and Avoiding Spyware:

You need to recognize viruses, spyware, malware and avoid opening the files infected with it. You may ask how to recognize these. Well, these programs don’t have any special look or feel but with a little bit of knowledge, you can easily say bye-bye to these programs.

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Whenever you see a pdf or the world or image file with an extension ‘.exe’ don’t open it. Don’t visit any unsuspicious website; as it may have a potential virus to seize your system. If your computer suddenly starts acting bizarre, you should check your control panel and uninstall if any suspicious item is found.

Recognizing Fake Antivirus:

If you are an internet savvy, I am sure you have installed an antivirus on your system. But let me tell you one thing installing antivirus is not enough. Keep it updated and scan your system on a definite time interval.

Sometimes antivirus may get uninstalled or disappear from your computer and you need to reinstall it from the web. In such situations don’t click blindly and recognize the secure and authorize websites and then download antivirus from it.

You might get ignoramus easily if you behave like a nascent and don’t work prudently to agnize the real antivirus.

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Understanding and using the Firewalls:

Firewall is a network security layer which monitors your network traffic that includes both incoming and outgoing links. You need to realize its importance and keep it on every time so that you can manage to work on a secure network.

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There are lots of felon waiting for you to access a vulnerable website so that they can steal that moment to get into your network. Better detect evasive or suspicious activity with network and don’t let your data hacked.

Risks of File-Sharing Technology:

What if ask you what does Bluetooth does? I am sure you will explain it very well.

Now if I ask do you use it? Probably you would be confused. Because you have used it at some point but now you have a better option to share your files, images, and videos quickly and safely. There are lots of options available to do that but every option is not safe enough.

The software you are using should have enough filters to recognize and block an infected file. If not block it should at least warn you before accepting that file. File sharing technology includes peer to peer (P2P) application which doesn’t verify that the source of the file is trustworthy or not.

Attackers can use this technology and can send you malicious files with the names already paired with your device. So be cautious in accepting files from other devices.

Using Caution with Email Attachments:

Just ask any random person ‘do you have an email id’? And most probably the answer will be yes 90 times out of 100.

Most of the people have email addresses now and they are using it for different reasons. Email is mostly free and easy to use and so it is also easy to send viruses through emails.

There are people who send you different link with some text and make you click on that link. You need to be cautious here. Think before you click. Don’t assume that you know him, whom you actually don’t know. No matter how friendly he is pretending to be.

You need to turn off the automatic download attachment feature and consider creating different accounts on your system. Create a separate account for your kids and keep monitoring that.

Use spam filters and don’t follow those links. Keep your software up to date and don’t download anything from the suspicious link even your antivirus is up to date. Sometimes you should trust your instincts.

Securing Your Home Network:

Most of the people think that using a good look password can keep the network secure. However, you might share your password with many guests who visit your home to celebrate any birthday or festival or attend a meeting or party. And so many people get to know your password.

If you are very friendly with your neighbor then the possibility is good enough that not only they but also their relatives and guests know your password.

You need to change the name of your network name, Wi-Fi password, encrypt your network and disable it when you are not at home or not using it. Hacker normally targets the networks which are always open so keep it off when it’s not required. Keep it in the middle of your house and always keep the router’s software updated.

Many people are looking for online work because of different reasons. Some are working dads who want to work for a few more hours from home, some are single moms who want to earn a few more dollars so that she can buy that one toy she could not buy for her princess last month, some are retired persons sitting at home and getting bored and some are college going independent students.

They join Facebook groups to earn extra money but get trapped into the different plans by different people of earning huge money in few hours or earn BTC in a day or so and lost that little money too, they had and also waste much of their time and sometimes private info and card details.

Follow these techniques and explore some security tools too to keep yourself secure on this vast network of the internet. There are obviously many ways to skin the cat so follow the task advised by other experts and let us know what your favorite security tricks are.

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  • Hii..
    Is it antivirus helpful to protect our system from hacking or it just for virus protection. If yes, which one is best for personal purpose.

    Plz suggest me..
    Thank you

    • As name suggest, Antivirus is only to protect from virus and in some cases when bot attack or DOS attack happens. Hacking level depend on the skills of hackers and if he is gud he will catch u. Thr are many hacking techniqs like fishing and social engineering which has nthng to do wth virus or antiviru. I hope ths ansr clear ur doubt.

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