Mesothelioma survivor stories

Mesothelioma Survival Stories and Claim Amount

If you know someone having Mesothelioma you need to share these Mesothelioma survival stories with him or her. Because at that situation motivation is everything. It is so important to know where you are. Some Mesothelioma cancer victims have shown how they have fuelled up themselves and sharpened up their minds where most people lose their mind and hope to live.

Time is precious and they had no idea how much time was left for them. Mesothelioma Cancer may affect your physical abilities but it cannot affect your willing mind and soul. And so they have shown their source of energy and will to live to the entire world.

Mesothelioma Survival Stories:

1. Bonnie Anderson’s mesothelioma survival story:

Bonnie Anderson used to work as a Librarian in New Jersey, US. She was first diagnosed with Peritoneal Mesothelioma back in the year 2002 and she was 53 years old. Doctors found her condition quite critical and told her that she didn’t have more than 1.5 years to live. However, she didn’t hold herself back and fought against all odds. Now it has been 16 years and today she is an active member of the Meso Foundation to help out others.

One day during her normal life claimed that she wasn’t feeling well initially and was misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. She was then getting treatment for the same for about two and a half years. All of sudden, in one of the reports, she got to know that she has some kind of fluid in her body along with thick abdomen.

She went to the doctor who recommended her for a CAT scan. She had a considerable amount of fluid. But the doctor assured her not to worry. However, she was not feeling well again. So she was referred to another doctor where she was asked to undergo surgery.

When the surgery was over, the fluid which Bonnie thought to be the main reason for pain came out to be negative. But when the surgeon observed those fluids in his lab, he saw some cells that he had never confronted with except in his university textbook. This was confirmed that those cells turned out to be mesothelioma cells.

Before diagnosis, Boonie was a free spirit woman working as a librarian in a school. She loved to play tennis and horse riding. Apart from that, she was a literacy volunteer. After she was diagnosed with mesothelioma, she quit her job and left all hobbies.

She had to depend upon other people to take care of her. This incident deeply affected her mentally. She was not able to remember many things, usually got confused and unable to speak properly.

Things were not normal. She had to see her family and friends watching her going through such painful suffering and hardships. She thought that she is not that free thinking and self-reliant anymore.

The surgeon himself was very experienced and old. Even he was shocked by the observation reports when he first encountered with this rare disease.

Bonnie was quite confused by her treatments and she was just making appointments all across her city. However, one day she got a phone call from that surgeon saying about his partner who had worked with him under a residency and currently working in New York.

She went there and got to know what they could do with mesothelioma cancer and the kind of treatment methods they had. Sooner after the discussions, she underwent a surgery. During operation, they opened up the whole abdomen and took out as much tumor as they could. A tumor was spread throughout the abdomen.

Then they took out the momentum out which holds all of your organs together in the abdomen. Mesothelomia cells are reported to survive in the lining of the organs. Post surgery, she underwent different kinds of Chemotherapy every week. But in order to kill the cancer cells as much as possible, she again underwent one more round of surgery and chemotherapy.

Reason for Mesothelioma:

She was exposed to asbestos while washing her husband’s clothes. He used to work in a refinery where he had to deal with bags or materials contaminated with asbestos. At first, when she came to know about the reason behind her suffering, she was quite angry and wanted to file a lawsuit against the company her husband was working.

Mesothelioma claim amount:

Her lawsuit was successful and her lawyer was really compassionate which in turn awarded her $7.5million.

Key to surviving Mesothelioma:

The major key to surviving was getting the correct information and finding the best doctors. She literally thought that she might not make it, but believed, at least she could get the right information and best approaches for the treatment so could help out others. Also, it largely depends on the doctors to create optimism and hope for the patients which she received from the New York cancer hospital.

Nowadays, she is staying back in New Jersey with her husband and helping the mesothelioma patients through her advocacy with the Meso Foundation. She seeks out for mesothelioma victims and comforts and counsels them. She also worked out with the federal and state government to pass the resolution of Mesothelioma Awareness Day as designated on 26th September.

2. Heather Von’s mesothelioma survival story:

In the year 2005, Heather found out that she was getting sick after the birth of her baby. She was diagnosed with the malignant pleural mesothelioma. Like the most people, she didn’t know anything about those three terrifying words. She was quite confused and she had a 3 months old baby.

The doctor, a pulmonologist told her that if she doesn’t do anything, she would die within 15 months. Another option was, if she undergoes chemotherapy, she might get an extra 5 years if she is lucky. Finally, he suggested to her a groundbreaking surgery that could give her 10 years of life. This news really shocked her family and her husband.

Heather Von St. James was just starting off her life as a parent and all of sudden, she heard the news which was no less than a death sentence. Since the diagnosis, she thought that her family’s life would never be the same.

The flood of negative vibes emerged in her mind. She would not be able to raise her baby, her husband would end up a widower and would never be able to see her baby grow. She had to leave her job as a hair stylist that she really loved.

However, the doctor advised her to look for Dr. Sugarbaker who was her only hope. After a week, she with her husband went to Dr. Sugarbaker where she was told about the surgery process. During the surgery, they found she had lining around her heart, left lung and left half of her diaphragm.

So they removed everything from the left cavity and interoperated a chemotherapy. They heated the chemotherapy up to 140 degrees and pumped into the chest cavity and washed out everything. The operation to around 8 hours and the surgery was successfully executed. In the year 2007, she finally felt quite normal.

Ever since she met Dr. Sugarbaker, he always encouraged her that hope is the most important thing you can have. Being in such a stressed situation, she got a sign of relief from him when he said that he doesn’t find any reason why you can’t live a healthy life.

Life after Mesothelioma:

Amidst all the battles of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy she felt truly isolated in her life. There were countless moments when life seemed to be just a handful of moments associated with confusions, worries, and hopelessness. However, she took in to account those moments of her darkest hours of life to inspire other people who are suffering from the same grief. Today, she is the voice of such people who require a hope before the aggressive and painful treatments. Once she told that, hope gives you positive vibes and optimism to tolerate the circumstances and fearlessness.

Later when she returned back to her normal life, she started connecting to the people, doctors, patients, and advocates that shaped her life. She has always thought to give back something to the community and make a difference in the society. She could think of all the things she has lost. Her left part of the lungs, friends who’ve lost their lives to cancer or her favorite job. Instead, she determined to focus and put all the energy on the things that could bring a change to the society.

Today, she is delivering speeches at mesothelioma conferences and counseling and comforting the cancer victims. Many people are joining her mesothelioma community and supporting her initiative to ban the use or production of asbestos from the United States and spread awareness about the dangers it brings.

Mesothelioma claim amount:

Heather remembered that her father used to come home with the work jacket and gave her a hug. No one was aware that the jacket was contaminated with cancer-causing asbestos. Her father works involved making fire doors from asbestos which he carried daily to his home.

She in fact never thought that the asbestos could bring a disaster in her life as well as in her family’s. She, however, filed a lawsuit against that company. She did receive the compensation amount but she was not allowed to disclose the amount after a confidential agreement.


3. Sean Gee mesothelioma survival story:

The survival story you are going to read is about a man who was diagnosed with the rarest of the rare mesothelioma cancer. There has been little less than 100 registered cases of testicular mesothelioma reports and the best known to the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. Sean Gee from California, US is among the names of the rarest mesothelioma survivors. At a very young age, he was diagnosed with cancer in the testicles.

During the early 90s, he was a fresh graduate and about to land a job. To get a job, he was required to undergo a full body medical check up according to the policies. So he clarified everything in his medical report. However, he already knew about the lumps in one of his testicles that was bothering him for a few months. Therefore he informed about the issue with the physician.

He then realized that the issue was not normal, so he informed his family as well and showed up to a urologist. Upon examination, he came to know that the lump was just cysts and nothing to concern about.

Also, he didn’t suffer from any sickness during that period. He apparently advised to show up again if it grew further or start any pain. So everyone took it normal and he went through his life and career.

Now it was 1993 and 1.5 years passed since those medical examination and urologist check-ups. Sean was actively working for school and college communities. But one day all of sudden, his cyst was bothering him more than earlier. He went to his family doctor but he referred him to the urologist. So this time he was told to undergo an ultrasound to know better about the growing cysts.

So he went for the ultrasound check up with him. But unfortunately, the machine was unable to determine anything as it was not strong enough. Then he was taken to another room where the machine was stronger than the earlier and was used for the examination of pregnant women. This time, the test hit the right spot.

The report stated that the cysts over time turned into a tumor. Furthermore, the doctor wanted to have a biopsy in order to determine the type of tumor he observed. A tumor was surrounded over the tunica vaginalis which is a lining that encapsulates the testicles.

Now during the time of biopsy, he was told by the surgeon that process might take around 45 minutes. Moreover, he was told about the possibilities of losing that tumor affected testicle to prevent the cancer cells to spread.

The surgery took about 1.5 hours and they had to remove the affected testicle. Post surgery, they created a medical book and slides of the affected testicle and sent to 19 oncologists in order to determine the type of cancer he had. Surprisingly, only 2 of them knew about the case and coincidentally, one of them was his personal oncologist. That oncologist called it testicular mesothelioma.

The news about cancer went as the shockwaves in the family and Sean was completely unaware of what exactly was going in his life. However, the oncologist wanted to make sure if cancer hadn’t spread throughout his body even after the operation. So he immediately scheduled for his full body scan. Another shocking news came after the scan test that the mesothelioma cells were detected in the lymph nodes on the left side of his body.

He was then immediately scheduled for the surgery to remove the affected lymph nodes followed by chemotherapy. During surgery, his lymph nodes were removed. Upon observation, it was found that each node had a cluster of infected lymph nodes. Had he operated little later, cancer would have spread throughout his body and there would have nothing to do with that.

So luckily, there was a sign of relief for him. During his recovery period, he was administered for the chemotherapy session. During the process, he was treated with the catheter which was inserted into the stomach wall. The process was very painful and burning. However, on the 11th day of treatment, his condition was much better to discharge from the hospital.

Since his day of discharge, he routinely went for a check-up every 3 months in order the determine if there is any sign of leftover cancer. Thus, he continued the process for two more years and finally, his blood samples turned out to be false positive. Today Sean is a part of the mesothelioma community helping out people and seeking out the cancer victims. He is actively working for the awareness of mesothelioma in his high school.

Mesothelioma claim amount:

Since Sean was not contaminated with the asbestos, there are no reports regarding any claim for Mesothelioma cancer. Moreover, he had a rare kind of disease which could affect only males.

Mesothelioma Survival Rate is not so bad that you lose all the hope after getting affected by it. It is satisfactory and you can also live longer than 100 years.

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