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How to protect yourself and your organization from the cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are increasing day by day in the modern era. One day you have an important meeting and you are preparing a presentation to present at the meeting.

You download a slide which looks quite good and attractive. Suddenly your computer stopped responding and says and you are shown a message ‘Your computer has been hacked ‘!!!

What are you going to do now?

You don’t know.

That is what happens when you don’t follow the security protocols properly.

How to protect yourself and your organization from the cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are increasing in the IT industry nowadays. Big organizations are now increasing their spending on the cybersecurity as much as they used to spend on their R&D before to keep these cyber attacks far.

They have realized the importance of cybersecurity. They know that when it can happen with the Yahoo, NTT, and US government then it can also happen with them and so with us.

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Most of the organizations have accepted the fact that hacking is a big business today and many computer security experts are involved in it.  There are different types of hackers and everyone out there is not stealing your data but still, some of them are trying to do that.

Every organization, be it big or mid-size which wants to keep their data safe from cybercriminals are strengthening their cybersecurity by creating cybersecurity teams and implementing different strategies.

The Internet has given so much to the private and government organizations and it will keep doing the same in future.

That’s why the cyber attacks are giving them pain and it is crystal clear as they are working hard to stop all kind of cyber crimes to keep their business and information security.

In the past, we have seen big impacts on organizations how they have shifted their focus to cybersecurity.

Let see what they are doing and every organization and individual should do to keep them secure from any kind of cyber attacks.

Categorize your important assets:

It’s necessary for both, for an organization as well as for an individual.

To keep your organization and its information secure you need to recognize and categorize your assets first.

Identify what is really important for you like passwords, IP addresses, endpoint device etc and what is most valuable information for your organization.

Data which have value for you might have for your competitors and hackers as well.

As an individual also you may have some important stuff, you need to identify and work more on its security. Attempts should be made to identify such assets on time to time basis.

Strengthen their security:

Once you have categorized your sensitive information, you should focus on its security in the best possible manner and after that on the rest of the things.

Google expert says that you should make the security level higher and set the strongest possible but easy to remember passwords.

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Hackers normally focus on the valuable information which is out there without any strong security and believe us security tools are not enough.

If you are responsible for an organization hire the best security experts and Keep your eyes always on.

Keep analyzing and monitoring:

Once you have done that you need to keep analyzing and monitoring that what’s happening on your network, machines, system, and devices.

An Organization should encrypt their important data and keep a track of its cybersecurity and ongoing cyber attacks.

If you are running an organization, there is no one to force you to develop a patch to keep your users and their information secure but it’s your responsibility.

You can do that perfectly if you keep monitoring the security status of your devices, firewall, antivirus, and network. So keep doing that.

React Accordingly:

Internet was never meant to be a safe network, so don’t leave a single action aside which took place on your network affecting your data, information, server or any other device.

Every organization should manage their quick reaction teams which react to any action performed on their network during any cyber attacks.

The security team needs to be alert and ready to minimize the effect of action taken by any hacker or cybercriminal.

There are some tools which should be implemented in order to react automatically. However, these are tools and can’t beat human intelligence in every aspect.

Damage recovery and restitution:

No matter how secure you are and how defensive you are, there is still the possibility of a security attack because you never know who your enemies are but they know it perfectly.

If the attack is not very strong and damaging that can be relaxing. However, you need to prepare your teams to be ready for the worse situation.

Anyways you and your security tools need to react faster to minimize the damage and focus on damage control and restitution as soon as possible. Your team should know that how to maintain your image as a secure organization in the market.

Focus on strengthening your security again and this time work more effectively than before.

You need to develop a strategy to keep yourself and your organization secure from any kind of cyber attacks. The Internet is spreading its wings rapidly and with every new connection, we are getting less secure.

Hackers are working on new plans and strategies every day so why should the security experts leave behind. You should work on as many plans as big your organization is.

Cybercriminals focus on big organizations more so keep your security as tight as possible. Follow the protocols and always be ready for the worse.

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