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6 Most Weird Christmas Traditions You Should Know

People start thinking about Christmas earlier and earlier every year. After listening to Christmas, Santa Claus, gifts, decorated Christmas tree, and the party starts roaming in our mind. Thinking about all these things, we become happy and excited.

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Christmas is mostly about celebrations, church-attending, merry-making, and gift-giving. Everyone knows that we’re crazy for Christmas traditions. We love to decorate every corner of our house and try to get noticed in local holiday celebrations. Here is the list of most strange Christmas traditions you should know.

Your shoe knows when you are getting married:

Yes, you heard it right. In the Czech Republic, it is believed that your shoe knows about your future relationship and marital status. If you are single and getting bored at home, you should try it once. You just need to stand by the door of a room with no one inside and throw your shoe over your shoulder.

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If the toe is pointing toward the door when it lands, Congratulations! you are going to get married the very next year. The same tradition is also followed in Slovakia but they believe that it only works well in case of women. If you are from the Czech Republic or a Slovakian you should give it a try this year.

Santa Claus or The Spiderman?

On Christmas, 12 different types of cuisine are made in every home in Ukraine and children are not allowed to enter the kitchen when these dishes are made. All family members eat it together only in the night when the table is decorated. for Christmas dinner, two tablecloths are laid on the table, the first one is for the remembrance of the ancestors and other for the living kin.

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When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree in Ukraine, instead of glittering ornaments and tinsel, Ukrainians like to decorate the trees with artificial spiders and cobwebs. You must be thinking why so?

According to a local tale, many years ago, there was a poor family who managed to nurture a tree that took root when a pine cone fell from their fireplace. The children were excited that they would also have a Christmas tree, so they carefully looked after it for months.

However, they were poor so had no money to decorate it on Christmas Eve. The next morning, when her children woke up from sleep they saw the tree covered with webs but when the first light of Christmas morning touched the web threads, they turned into gold and silver and the family was never left for wanting again for anything. So, they believe the spiders and cobwebs bring good luck.

Christmas means KFC (Kentucky Fried Christmas):

Advertising can be incredibly powerful sometimes and Japanese Christmas celebration reflects it clearly. Thanks to KFC marketing team during the 70s. They started a marketing campaign in 1974 called ‘Kentucky for Christmas!’ which was very successful and made KFC popular for Christmas! Nowadays, Chicken is the most important thing for Japanese than everything else during Christmas. It is the busiest time of year for restaurants especially for KFC to manage so many customers and so much chicken as well.

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Since the beginning of KFC marketing campaign four decades ago, KFC has been associated with Christmas in the minds of the Japanese for generations and it has become a famous tradition now. Almost    250,000 barrels of chicken is sold during Christmas, which is eight to ten times of normal monthly sales.  People place orders at their local fast food restaurant in advance if there is No KFC nearby!

So, we can say for Japanese Christmas means KFC.

Beautiful Christmas cake:

Another Christmas tradition in Japan is associated with cake and unmarried girls. Confused? Besides Chicken, famous Christmas food in Japan is the Christmas cake. They like cakes but their Christmas cake is not a rich fruit cake but is usually a sponge cake decorated with strawberries and whipped cream.

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These sponge cakes ordered weeks before the Christmas celebration and are eaten on Christmas Eve. Any cake that is not sold after the Christmas Eve (Dec 25th) is unwanted. You would be surprised to know that for the same reason, single Japanese women over the age of 25 years are called Christmas Cakes. So, when you see any 25-year-old unmarried beautiful girl you can call her a beautiful Christmas cake.

The Poor Gavle Goat:

Making Yule Goats is an ancient tradition in countries of northern Europe.  In 1966 a 13-meter tall goat figure made of straw was created in the town square of Gavle.  At the stroke of midnight hour of Christmas Eve, the goat went up in flames. But the town simply loved the goat and they never stopped building it, again and again, every year during the Christmas, and vandals never stopped trying to burn the goat down!

The idea first came about to help attract custom to local shops. It’s even made the world record for being the tallest of its kind and figures in Guinness World Book of Records, first making records in 1985.

The burning of the Gavle goat has happened so many times even the bookmakers began taking bets for the survival of the goat since 1988 but people love it and recreate the goat every single time with same love and enthusiasm. In 2001, an American tourist was also fined and spend some time jail as well for successfully doing so. So now, not only is the goat traditional but attempts to bring it down seem to have become so, too.

Fruit friendly Christmas:

In India, there are people of almost every religion and faith. Only about 2.4% of the population are Christians, however, it makes up almost 25 million people there and it’s a national holiday there.

Christians celebrate Christmas with midnight mass and gift-giving like the rest of the world, but what they do differently is because of the absence of fir trees or pine trees to decorate, in most of the part of the country people usually decorate banana trees and mango trees instead and it looks awesome.

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That means instead of mostly seen Christmas pine trees lining up celebrating households, you’ll find well-decorated, brightly lit Christmas banana or mango trees on the streets and in front of many houses. They even use the leaves of those trees to decorate their houses and later on they donate the leaves of those trees to the nearby zoo.


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